What Does Organic Food Stand For

In the world of modernization, We get all our demands to be fulfilled, better facilities, and the higher standard of living. There is one more side of the coin that rarely anyone discusses, that is we got more pollution, adulterated food more health problems, etc. Adulterated and junk food with improper routine is responsible for 75% of diseases and health issues most of the people suffer e,g Hypertension, obesity, diabetes, etc. But now people somewhere understand this problem, and they have started using organic food and components in their day to day life, but the fundamental problem stay in all this process is, Do we know What organic food stands for? There are few organic groceries online in Bangalore, Chennai, Mumbai, etc. but very few people are aware of that. Here in this article, we will discuss what original organic food is.

Characteristics of Organic Food: Organic food is a food produced using the organic farming, that is close to nature and avoids any use of fertilizers, or any cosmetic products along with it. They use fewer pesticides and control weeds with the help of natural fertilizers and maneuver instead of any chemical fertilizer. Most of the organic farms are close to market so the production could be sold quickly to avoid any degradation of quality.

Benefits of Organic Food: Organic foods are healthy for the sake of human health, and environment, they help in increasing soil fertility and save water, and reduce soil pollution too. Along with they are also suitable for livestock and natural resources. The growth of organic plants and the food is purely natural and completely free from any pollution. They are also responsible for the better quality of the soil.

The Need of Organic Food: Researchers found that the composition of nutrients in organic food is a lot higher than food produced in normal conditions, though there are some situations when it shows the negative results though such positions are rarely found. Organic food is used to keep yourself healthy, and free from all kind of diseases and early health issues that are quite common these days.

Common Organic Foods: The most common organic food we can consume in our daily life is eggs, bread, green vegetables, foxtail millets, etc. Protein shakes etc. Few of us are aware of foxtail millets that are second most grown millets for human food; One can also order Foxtail Millets online to the grocery.


Top 6 Health Benefits of Organic Food


Organic food has created quite a stir in the food industry ever since it came into being. It is becoming popular day by day. In fact, there is a strong public opinion that organic food is quite healthier than conventional food.

Organic food contains antioxidants which have more beneficial nutrients than the conventionally grown food. It is funny because the conventional way always should have been the organic way. It is almost saddening how the use of chemicals became prevalent while growing food. It sometimes gets really tough to get the organic version for some particular food products like the foxtail millets. Now this problem can be easily solved as you can easily buy organic foxtail millets online.

Here are some of the health benefits of organic food:

Does not contain GMO’s – Organic food does not contain GMO’s or genetically modified organisms that causes health problems. GM foods are horrible kind of mutation of real food. The claim that GMO’s are similar to any method for improving food is not true because the method used to make GM food is unnatural and very harmful for human beings. Organic food is thus very healthy as it does not contain any kind of GMO as it is grown without the use of any kind of pesticide.

More and better nutrition – Conventionally grown food is usually produced on played-out soil with the delusion that all the nutrients that the food growing process require can be replaced by artificially-produced fertilizers. But this is just a delusion as conventionally grown food may be prettier or bigger but they do not taste as good as naturally grown food.

No Pesticides – Artificial fertilizers like pesticides are basically poisonous and they have an adverse impact on our health. If you think you can wash it off that is not true as they enter the food which cannot be washed off. Thus, organic food is better as no pesticides are used in its growth.

Good quality meat and diary – Animals raised for livestock are better in organic farming. They aren’t given growth injections of fed antibiotics. The whole process is natural and much easier. Organically raised animals have access to outdoors which ensures their good health. Dairy products like organic milk have been scientifically proven to be better than their counterpart as they have more antioxidants, CLA, fatty acids, omega-3 and vitamins than the latter.

Low chance of food borne illness – Adding organic food to your diet in place of conventionally grown food is healthier as the pesticides in the conventionally grown food do not enter your blood stream causing food borne illness. Even the CAFO’s present in the animals are a result of the growth of food borne illness. So, switching to organic food is the best option.

Better for the environment – It isn’t a hidden fact that use of pesticides and chemicals to advance the growth of food is harmful not just to our bodies but also the environment. Practicing organic farming helps in conserving water, prevent soil erosion, reduce pollution and use less energy while doing all this.

Organic food is grown without any un-natural ways right from sowing seeds to harvesting it. How your food is grown can have a great impact on your health. Organic food is grown using natural fertilizers like manure, compost etc. Due to the advancement of digitalization you can now easily buy organic groceries online in Bangalore or any other part of India.