Benefits of Online Grocery Shopping

castor-oilThe advent of internet has brought ha lot of changes to the modern society. In fact, if you think about it, it has made society the way it is today. It has changed a lot of thing since its inception. It has singlehandedly changed the way we communicate and carry out other tasks. The way we talk, the way we eat, the way we sleep and you name it, has been changed by the mightiness of the internet.

One of the things it has changed in a major manner is shopping. You can even buy groceries online now by just clicking a few buttons. Things have really become that easy. Now you don’t have to procrastinate and argue over who is going out to buy the groceries because the groceries will come to you. You can order vegetables and even buy millets online.

Here are some benefits of online grocery shopping that’ll make you save the trip to the grocery shop:

Saves time

One of the biggest benefits of buying groceries online is that you can save a lot of time. By ordering groceries online you can make time for stuff you never get to do. You could possibly save up to 3-4 hours a week of your time by ordering online. You can do much more productive work during this time.

Saves transportation

Another benefit is you don’t have to physically be there to buy the groceries. You don’t have to make a two way trip all the way to the store which can be far from your house at some point. Even if you go to the grocery store to get some savings, your transportation cost will add up to your bill in the end. There remains no point of saving in that.

Saves money

When you go to the grocery store, you end up spending time there looking at the things you don’t even need. And most often than not, you end up buying things you don’t need and adding up to the cost. You aren’t able to stick to the list anymore. When you order online, you can stick to the list and get exactly what you need without spending extra money on things you don’t need.

There are several online portals where you can even compare the prices of different websites before you buy. You can buy castor oil online and make sure you get the best deal on it by comparing and shopping.


Buy Healthy & Nutritious Organic Toor Dal at Jivabhumi

Toor Dal is also popularly known¬¬¬¬ arhar dal and is one of the most widely used lentils. A whole Indian meal is incomplete without dal and more so often it is toor dal that decorates the delicious Indian Thali. It is a very integral part of a typical Indian cuisine.

Toor dal is a very commonly made dish in India and since the popularization of organic food, organic toor dal has seen a big spike in its demand. Toor dal price also keeps fluctuating with respect to its demand and supply. Toor Dal is something that unites the whole nation too. It doesn’t matter which economic background you are from, toor dal is something that will be made in your house regularly.

Here’s why you should consider buying organic toor dal:

Major source of carbohydrates

Toor dal is a major source of carbohydrates and is known to be fairly energizing. Toor Dal contains complex carbohydrates which have a high nutritional value are are good for the human body. They generate energy very fast and allow the body to avoid fatigue during the day.

Carrier of protein

Toor dal is a powerhouse protein food. It is considered to be one of the best sources of protein in vegetarian food. A lot of gym-goers, who take proper diet and are vegetarian, prefer toor dal for protein and consume it on a daily basis. Organic toor dal is much cleaner than the conventional one and the protein is much more effective.
Good for pregnant women

Organic toor dal is a big part of a pregnant woman’s meal every day. Toor dal contains folic acid which is good for pregnant women and for those who want to be pregnant. It is a very nutritive food and can be made through various recipes to one’s liking.

Good for overall immunity

Whenever someone gets sick, they are immediately recommended to skip junk food and eat more and more of toor dal. This is because toor dal can help in curing issues like cough, cold, acidity, gas troubles, stomach pain and many more diseases. Even a lot of doctors recommend that one should drink toor dal more often to make sure they stay in good health.

You can order organic products online and get them delivered straight to your house. You can order organic toor dal and many other varieties online too. Online organic stores have made it very easy to get organic food these days.

Flax Seed – What Can It Do for You

If you haven’t heard much about flax seed so far then you absolutely need to. Flax seed is currently being hailed as the new wonder food. Some studies have indicated that it can help in solving a number of health problems that a lot of people in this generation face.

These flax seeds have been consumed from as long as 6,000 years. Some people even believe it to be the world’s first super food ever grown. It is known to have several benefits which can solve a lot of on-going medical problems. You can order flax seeds online and get them delivered straight to your home.

Here’s why flax seed is the super food:

Low in Carbs, High in fiber

Flax seeds have high content of mucilage gum which is very rich in fiber. These fibers have great positive impact on the intestinal tract. It also helps in increasing nutritional absorption. And since flax seeds are low in carbs, they even compliment the people who are dieting and help in fat loss.

Lower Cholesterol

If you have flax seeds in at least one of your meals daily, then you can reduce your cholesterol. The soluble fiber content in these seeds can trap the fat and cholesterol so that is unable to be absorbed. Especially for men, it helps a great deal in cutting cholesterol.

Flax seeds are gluten-free

Flax seeds are also used as a substitute of gluten many a times. Flax is also anti-inflammatory. So for the people who have gluten-sensitivity, it is truly a blessing. It can even be used in grain-free cooking.

Flax seeds for cancer

Flax seeds have been known to be effective in cancer treatment. It is known to be helpful in fighting breast, prostate, ovarian and colon cancer. A major study proved that consuming flax seeds decreases the risk of breast cancer.

Strengthens digestive health

The biggest positive benefit of flex seed is probably its ability to promote digestive health. The ALA helps in protecting the lining of the digestive tract. People suffering from Crohn’s disease also get several benefits from this. Flax seeds provide food for friendly bacteria in your colon that can help cleanse waste your system.

These days you don’t even have to buy these seeds from farmer’s market or organic food stores. You can easily acquire them online. These days you can get any organic products online just by a few clicks.

Top 6 Health Benefits of Organic Food


Organic food has created quite a stir in the food industry ever since it came into being. It is becoming popular day by day. In fact, there is a strong public opinion that organic food is quite healthier than conventional food.

Organic food contains antioxidants which have more beneficial nutrients than the conventionally grown food. It is funny because the conventional way always should have been the organic way. It is almost saddening how the use of chemicals became prevalent while growing food. It sometimes gets really tough to get the organic version for some particular food products like the foxtail millets. Now this problem can be easily solved as you can easily buy organic foxtail millets online.

Here are some of the health benefits of organic food:

Does not contain GMO’s – Organic food does not contain GMO’s or genetically modified organisms that causes health problems. GM foods are horrible kind of mutation of real food. The claim that GMO’s are similar to any method for improving food is not true because the method used to make GM food is unnatural and very harmful for human beings. Organic food is thus very healthy as it does not contain any kind of GMO as it is grown without the use of any kind of pesticide.

More and better nutrition – Conventionally grown food is usually produced on played-out soil with the delusion that all the nutrients that the food growing process require can be replaced by artificially-produced fertilizers. But this is just a delusion as conventionally grown food may be prettier or bigger but they do not taste as good as naturally grown food.

No Pesticides – Artificial fertilizers like pesticides are basically poisonous and they have an adverse impact on our health. If you think you can wash it off that is not true as they enter the food which cannot be washed off. Thus, organic food is better as no pesticides are used in its growth.

Good quality meat and diary – Animals raised for livestock are better in organic farming. They aren’t given growth injections of fed antibiotics. The whole process is natural and much easier. Organically raised animals have access to outdoors which ensures their good health. Dairy products like organic milk have been scientifically proven to be better than their counterpart as they have more antioxidants, CLA, fatty acids, omega-3 and vitamins than the latter.

Low chance of food borne illness – Adding organic food to your diet in place of conventionally grown food is healthier as the pesticides in the conventionally grown food do not enter your blood stream causing food borne illness. Even the CAFO’s present in the animals are a result of the growth of food borne illness. So, switching to organic food is the best option.

Better for the environment – It isn’t a hidden fact that use of pesticides and chemicals to advance the growth of food is harmful not just to our bodies but also the environment. Practicing organic farming helps in conserving water, prevent soil erosion, reduce pollution and use less energy while doing all this.

Organic food is grown without any un-natural ways right from sowing seeds to harvesting it. How your food is grown can have a great impact on your health. Organic food is grown using natural fertilizers like manure, compost etc. Due to the advancement of digitalization you can now easily buy organic groceries online in Bangalore or any other part of India.

Benefits of Organic Food and Where to Buy It


The demand for Organic Products has spiked all over the world in these past few years as people nowadays are more reluctant in leading a physically as well as mentally fit life without any health issues and consuming organic food is one of the ways which can keep you healthy and fit.

Moreover, Organic food products is produced through natural processes without the use of any chemicals and pesticides, which ensures as well as imprints a picture on the mind of the consumer that the crop which is produced is of top quality. Apart from these factors, Organic foods are beneficial for a lot of other reasons as well such as:-

1. Enhancement in Taste

Well, it is believed by a majority of people that the organic food tastes way better than those foods which are produced with the help of pesticide and chemical substances. These people believe that foods which are produced through natural processes maintain their original color and flavor and hence they like to prefer these foods more than the conventional foods which we get in the market.

2. Best for Immune System

It is easy to grow large quantities of produce with the help of chemicals which may even solve major issues existing in our country such as hunger as people will have more food to eat, farmer suicide because the farmer can earn more which help them to get rid of their debts and many other factors but it has some side effects as well as these chemically produced food items is not at all healthy for our immune system, moreover it has lead to the cause of many harmful and chronic diseases like cancer hence it is beneficial to make a switch to organic foods and also the farmers should be requested to make produce through organic process only.

3. Ensuring a Healthy Environment

Use of chemical pesticides in producing food crops not only impacts human but also has a deep repercussions in the environment as well as it affects the soil in which the food is produced contaminates it at such a level that producing crops in that area becomes impossible. Moreover, it has been seen that the usage of chemical pesticides have also resulted in high levels of pollution whether it’s air pollution or water pollution and therefore a switch to organic food produce is not a bad idea at all.

4. Good for Skin and Hair

Organic Food Items such as Castor Oil is very beneficial for developing good skin and hair as it helps in healing inflamed skin. Moreover, it reduces acne, moisturizes skin, and prevents stretch marks as well. Also, Castor Oil is beneficial in promoting hair growth too. However some people may find Castor Oil Prices to be slightly on the higher side but if you try to compare the benefits against its costs, I believe it’s worth it.

There are various places from where you can buy organic foods and include it in your food diet. Some of the places where you can get access to food items are as follows:-

  • Big Retail Stores
  • Online Shopping Sites
  • Vegetable Market
  • And even from Market that is close to those farms that produce organic food.

However the prices might vary from place to place, in some place you might at an economical price and in other places, it might be expensive but when you look at the benefits that you will get after consuming organic food, I believe the price will not matter at all.

The Benefits of Eating Organic Millet

Millet may not be the most common seed crop you’re expecting on your table, but in fact, this group of highly variable seeded grasses are cultivated throughout the world, both for livestock and human consumption. This crop is mainly grown in developing countries, but its quick growing season and its ability to grow and withstand relatively harsh, arid and dry environments make it an ideal crop for many countries.

Millets are generally consumed in its organic form as it is too small to be processed. So, this seeded grain contains all its nutrients in the raw form and are not compromised due to processing. In some parts of India, all types of millet are not easily available in the local market. This is the reason why more and more people are scouring online so that they can buy all types of organic millet online easily without venturing from one shop to another in the local market.

Millet is used as the traditional cereal, but it can be used in porridge, snacks, and other bread, as it is very high in starch, like most other grains. Millet is also gluten-free, so Celiac sufferers can turn to millet as their source of grains, instead of wheat. These are some of the benefits of millets lets look into some more benefits of organic millets:

Increase your heart health – If you want to protect your heart organic millet is the best possible grain to add to your diet. Millet is rich in magnesium, which in turn reduces blood pressure and the risk of heart attacks or strokes. Millet also contains potassium, which keeps blood pressure low by acting as a vasodilator. Reducing blood pressure and optimizing the circulatory system is one of the best ways to protect your cardiovascular health.

Cholesterol Levels in Check – Cholesterol levels go hand-in-hand with heart health. Millets with its high fiber content are ideal for keeping cholesterol levels in check. The fiber in the millets eliminates dangerous “bad cholesterol” (LDL) from the system while promoting the effects of “good cholesterol (HDL).

Protection against Diabetes – Millet is a beneficial food for diabetic patients because one of the effects of millet is a reduced chance of Type 2 diabetes, thanks to the magnesium level found in this particular grain. Magnesium is considered one of the most important minerals in increasing the efficiency of insulin and glucose receptors in the body, thus preventing this disease.

Millet is a part of a healthy diet but making dishes with millet using normal white sugar can sometimes be hbrown-sugararmful to your health. So it is always better to use brown sugar instead of regular sugar as brown sugar is the organic form of sugar containing some health benefits of its own. In India, sometimes it gets difficult to find brown sugar at local stores but you can easily purchase brown sugar online and make your diet a healthy one.

Some of the other health benefits of millet except the ones mentioned above include its ability improve your digestive system, lower your risk of cancer, detoxify your body, boost respiratory health, optimize your immune system, increase your energy levels, and improve your muscle and nerve health. Thus millets can be very beneficial part if included in your daily diet.

What to Look for When Buying Food Products


Today’s consumers are well aware of the personal, social, environmental and health consequences of the foods they are consuming. That’s why today’s consumers always prefer looking at the labels for descriptions about the product they are about to buy. They only buy the food products whose label speak to “fresh,” clean” and “free-from” synthetic ingredients, less processing and contains natural aspects of food.

This concern for eating healthy has in turn been a boon as most people are switching to organic food. Naturally grown food has positive effect on your health and also on the environment. It isn’t a hidden fact that use of pesticides and chemicals to advance the growth of food is harmful not just to our bodies but also the environment. And since organic food is 100% naturally grown, it eliminates all the risks unlike conventionally grown food.

This is the only reason that while buying packaged food products from super markets consumers look through the label to check if the food is safe enough or not. Here are few things consumers look for while buying food products:

Natural – When a consumer is buying any packed grain the first thing they look for if it has been naturally grown or if it is organic. As sometimes so happens that the price of the packed grain and the grains in the bulk cans cost the same. For example, flax seed price of a 1 kg flax seed in the bulk can is equivalent to the packed flax seed. But the quality may vary as the packed one may be processed unlike the one in the bulk can. Thus, it is important to check if the grain is natural or not.

Fresh – There are many super market where packed fruits and vegetables are available. They may be beneficial in time saving but before putting them in the cart do check whether they are fresh or not. There are many consumer’s today who do so.

Pesticide free – When a today’s consumer buys canned food the first thing that they check at the back of the can whether it says that the food packed is pesticide free.

No artificial colours, flavors and preservative – Artificial colours, flavors and preservatives are very common in packed and canned food. Yet to be safe the consumer checks the label for it. They always choose food product that do not have any of these. There are some preservatives that is used to keep the food fresh but some preservatives cause health problems. So make sure you know exactly which preservatives should not be in the food.

When ever you go to the local market to buy food stuff make sure to look at the label before putting it in the cart. The label tells you everything about the food that you need to know while looking for safe food products for your family. Always remember that price of any grain like the moong dal price may be less for the packed ones but they are processed thus, they may not be as healthy as the non processed ones which is a little pricy. Unprocessed and raw food grains are best for your health as it has all its nutrition intact.