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Buying Organic – Pro’s and Con’s of Buying Locally Versus Buying Online

red-pohaIf two decades ago someone told you to buy and eat organic food, you probably wouldn’t be very confident about taking their suggestion. In those times, people looked at organic food as a sham by companies to extract more money from the same products.

But times have gradually changed and just from a cultural fuel, organic food has become trending now. Especially in the last 5 years or so, the organic food industry has done pretty well and has attracted many consumers. It has happened largely due to the presence of an organic food store in certain localities and e-commerce sites selling organic food.

Both of these methods, buying locally and buying online, have their own pros and cons.

Buying locally has a lot of benefits. Perhaps the most major one is being able to inspect the food first hand and making sure that it is up to the standard. In countries like India, there still are people who hesitate in buying food online. They always have a doubt in their heads about the quality of food. For such people buying locally is the best option.
Apart from that, one can also stand to negotiate the price of the commodities one is buying. When buying locally, there is a chance that a shopkeeper might get to know you better and help you in picking out the best stuff and even give discounts at times.

But buying locally is not very convenient to most people. Many times these stores are far away from localities and it takes too much time and conveyance just to buy regular groceries. This is why some people stick to buying groceries online.

While buying organic groceries online, on has several options and several brands to choose from. But the key benefit here is convenience and timeliness. One doesn’t have to waste their time and effort by going out and buying it. With just a few clicks they can get their desired groceries delivered to their doorstep.

The problems with buying groceries online are the risk of getting sub standard product and paying a premium price. Most stores charge delivery cost from the consumer which might hike up the price a bit.

Hence, there are two methods one can opt to buy their organic groceries. One can order anything like Red poha and many other organic edibles online and get it delivered to their address. While others still may choose to buy locally because they are comfortable with it.


Saving Money in Natural Food Stores

organic-food-productsIf you are health conscious than it is required to go for organically grown food products as according to recent researches these products are more beneficial to get good and superior health. To buy these organic products opt for online organic stores to get your required items in a hassle-free manner at your doorstep as well as you can save money since they present good offers in their products. Various online organic stores deal in natural products selling. Some of the significant benefits to eat organic food items are mentioned below.

Advantages of consuming organic food products

Chemical Free Food

The primary and foremost benefit of organic products is that it is chemical free. During the growing procedure of these foodstuffs pesticides and fertilisers are avoided as per the organic standard. As a result, if you opt for chemical-free food you might save yourself from various dangerous diseases which automatically saves your money as well as if you buy them from online stores it is additional beneficial as they have great offers.

Saves Environment

Pollution is great concerning the issue from past few years, our traditional methods of farming are also one of the reasons for infection. Since various pesticides and other chemicals are used to increase the productivity as well as growing time of crops which results in contamination of soil as well as water. But organic products save the environment as pesticides, fertilisers and industrial solvent are not utilised during organic farming procedures, so it saves water and soil to get contaminated that saves the life of various water animals plus small insects present in the soil.

Tastier and Full of Nutrients

Organic products are tastier and healthier than is traditional counterparts as while organic farming organic standards are proficiently used to maintain the nutrient contents in foodstuffs. In conventional farming, artificial chemicals are used to fasten the process of growth which changes the taste as well as decrease the nutrient quality of foods.

Antioxidant and Hormone Free Animal Products

During traditional animal farming antioxidants and growth hormones are utilised to increase the production. But as per organic standard, these chemicals are not allowed during organic cattle farming, so we get fresh and chemical free products. So always opt for organic animal products from organic online stores to keep yourself healthy, along with this, these stores can also utilized to buy millets online and other organic food products.

Different Types of Coconut Oil

coconutoilThe popularly known coconut oil is one of the main ingredients of a healthy diet. Due to its unmatchable benefits in increasing immunity, improving digestion, boosting metabolism, reducing weight, supporting thyroid and taking good care of your heart it called as ‘miracle oil’. While searching for online organic food, you must have come across many types of coconut oil and you might already be confused which one to go for? Don’t worry we have got your back. Just read about the different types of coconut oils and learn about their advantages and disadvantages:

Raw coconut oil

This is the purest form of coconut oil that is un-processed and free of chemicals etc. Also called as ‘virgin coconut oil’ it can be extracted by the dry as well as the wet process. As the name suggests, the quick dry method involves drying of coconut fruit, thereby squeezing out oil from it. This oil is termed as Cold pressed Coconut Oil and is completely organic is nature. Recommended by most of the doctors it is not only healthy but also helps in preventing many diseases. The other category of wet processing involves treating the fruit with coconut milk and boiling them both in order to separate milk and oil. The product that is extracted by both these methods contain traces of coconut in the form of intense flavor and fragrance.

Processed coconut oil

The commonly used coconut oil is processed that goes through several stages of refinement after being pressed out from dried coconut (which is known as copra). The oil that is extracted thereby is heated to a very high temperature and made smell free, tasteless and removed of all the unwanted substances that get dissolved during the entire process of extracting. To preserve it for a longer period it is treated with chemicals.

Which coconut oil do we recommend?

You should always prefer virgin coconut oil which can be easily purchased while you are buying your online organic food. Not only it gives you the true benefits of purity but also helps you fight many diseases including obesity, PCOS etc. It is healthy in nature and is packed with good fat that your body needs. You can have it while cooking food or as a salad dressing to have an amazing taste and the goodness of health.

Thus, it’s the right time to ditch your regular vegetable oil for the cold pressed Coconut Oil, and experience fitness.

Reasons to include chemical free food in your diet


Chemical free food is very healthy to eat. They often named as organic foods. These foods do not contain any man made chemicals like citric acid, sodium benzoate, etc. However, man made fertilizers should always be avoided to mix in food else the mixture results in the deficiency of nutrients in food. Usually, the chemical free food contains significant amount of nutrients such as vitamins, minerals, fiber, carbohydrates, healthy source of fat and delicious protein. Below we have added few reasons to add organic food to your diet.

Reasons To Add Organic Food In Your Diet:
Here are some reason to add organic foods or natural foods in your diet as follows-

● Rich source of protein
Spinach, soybean, groundnut seed, and kidney beans contain an enormous amount of proteins. It is beneficial for muscle recovery, any body pain. Protein also helps to increase stamina in our body.

● Rich source of carbohydrates
Organic foods are rich in carbohydrates potato, sweet potato, wheat, rice, pumpkin, chilies, etc. It helps to energize our body for a long time. Complex carbs are slow digesting carbohydrates that keep the body hunger free. Sources of complex carbohydrates are brown rice, red rice, black rice, whole grain oats, etc.

● Dietary fibre
Foods which are rich in dietary fiber are whole grains, rice, nuts, dried fruits, jacket potatoes. Organic foods which contain dietary fiber are very good for our health. It is good for food absorption of the body. It is beneficial for those who are suffering from constipation, stomach pain, etc. Dietary fiber helps to achieve the healthy weight and also assist in controlling blood sugar levels. Mainly, it helps us to normalize bowel movements.
● Source of vitamin
Typically fruits like oranges, grapes, beetroot, pineapple, and banana contain an abundant amount of vitamins. Vitamins have many health benefits. It helps to prevent many health diseases such as high cholesterol, skin disorders, eye disorders, heart problems and many more health conditions. It contributes to boosting up our whole body as well.
Foods which are very rich in minerals such as milk, yogurt, cheese, cottage cheese, broccoli, orange juice and soy foods help us to improve energy level in our body. Organic foods or natural foods are very beneficial to improve health problems. In online stores, Pearl millet price is very reasonable and quite affordable.One can easily get organic foods from online stores; they will provide you fresh foods and always on time.


Benefits of Castor Oil

castor-oilCastor oil is one of the most significant oil that can utilize as a medicine for regular health problems. It is in use since ancient Egypt time to cure various health diseases. During the period of ancient Egypt, it is beneficial for the treatment of eye irritations and also used as the powerful natural skin care remedy. In Hindi, it is known “Arandi tel.” Castor oil price is affordable and is readily available online as well as offline too. The uniqueness of castor oil is its ricinoleic acid that is not available in other oils and Ayurveda medicines. Below we have mention few benefits and uses of castor oil.

Uses and Benefits of Castor Oil:

1. Improvement of immune system:
According to research, it has been found that use of castor oil helps in the growth of lymphocytes, People who intake abdominal castor oil regularly witnessed the significant growth of lymphocytes that act as a fighter against any disease. Along with this, castor oil help in the improvement of digestive system, and heart functioning system that keeps you away from most of the diseases and eventually results in improvement of the immune system.

2. Circulation Boost:
Improved immune system and proper blood circulation are two different sides of the same coin; You can’t get one without other. With the use of castor oil regularly, the circulatory system of our body gets more useful. Our circulation helps in bringing oxygen to our cells that keep us alive else it could result in death.

3. Beneficial for skin:
It keeps your skin healthy and away from any skin infections that can adversely affect your body. The beauty of your body is dependent very much upon the health of your skin, The healthier you are beauties you will look. Initially, castor oil improves the circulation of your blood, and also help in fighting against the skin disorders. Castor oil acts as anti-bacterial, anti-microbial, and work as an antifungal agent that keeps our skin healthy from any skin disorders.

4. Maintain Hormonal Balance:

Regular intake of castor oil along with naturally grown foods help you in maintaining the hormonal balance of your body. It helps in the fat molecule’s absorption in the digestive tract that assists in maintaining the hormonal balance of your body. Castor oil helps in detoxification of your body that lead to an appropriate hormonal balance of your body.

Say No To Chemical In Your Life


Chemicals are very harmful to our life. Food that contains an enormous amount of chemicals cause many types of side effects in our body such as diarrhea, typhoid, nausea, heart problems, kidney infections, inflammatory condition and many more conditions. Mainly preventive foods are made of chemicals to keep the food fresh. Avoid preservatives and additives which contains the significant amount of chemicals such as ascorbic acid, citric acid, sodium benzoate, nitric acid, sulfates and much more. These chemicals are usually added to baked goods, pickles, canned fruit juices, meat, beverages, and jellies as well. Consume chemical free food like whole grains, vegetables, and fruits to strengthen your entire body.

Disadvantages of chemical foods

Some most common disadvantages of artificial food preservatives are as follows-

  • Most of the preservatives can cause loss of some nutrients in food, nutrients like thiamin and vitamin C.
  • Mainly preservatives and additive foods are associated with health disease such as allergies, cancer and hyperactivity.

Natural foods v/s chemical foods

Natural foods are very healthy and good for our health, and simultaneously chemical foods harm our body very badly.

  • Organic food contains a lot of nutrients such as vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates, thiamin, calcium and much more. On the other hand, chemical foods destroy all the nutritions.
  • Although chemicals foods are good in taste it’s taste can destroy our immune system very badly and natural foods are usually very fruitful and provide better taste also.
  • Whole grains such as black rice, red rice are very rich in nutrients that help to fulfill nutritional needs in our body. Add whole grains in your diet to maintain good health.
  • Consume huge quantity of natural or organic foods such as fruits, whole grains, vegetables, healthy fruit juices and vegetable fluids, Long Wheat. Avoid intake of poisonous foods and preservatives that are a big cause of chronic conditions in our body.
  • Artificial foods are very poisonous which take out all the nutrients and make our body weak. Certainly, natural foods keep all the toxins away from your body.

To keep your body healthy and fit, avoid consumption of preservatives, additives, and artificial foods. Artificial foods are made of the high amount of chemicals which keep preservatives fresh, but after some time it severely hurt our body.

One should Consume healthy natural foods and the fruitful fluids and juices as well to protect your body free severe pain and chronic disease. Physical or real foods are very healthier and make our body maintained and strengthened significantly.

What Does Organic Food Stand For

In the world of modernization, We get all our demands to be fulfilled, better facilities, and the higher standard of living. There is one more side of the coin that rarely anyone discusses, that is we got more pollution, adulterated food more health problems, etc. Adulterated and junk food with improper routine is responsible for 75% of diseases and health issues most of the people suffer e,g Hypertension, obesity, diabetes, etc. But now people somewhere understand this problem, and they have started using organic food and components in their day to day life, but the fundamental problem stay in all this process is, Do we know What organic food stands for? There are few organic groceries online in Bangalore, Chennai, Mumbai, etc. but very few people are aware of that. Here in this article, we will discuss what original organic food is.

Characteristics of Organic Food: Organic food is a food produced using the organic farming, that is close to nature and avoids any use of fertilizers, or any cosmetic products along with it. They use fewer pesticides and control weeds with the help of natural fertilizers and maneuver instead of any chemical fertilizer. Most of the organic farms are close to market so the production could be sold quickly to avoid any degradation of quality.

Benefits of Organic Food: Organic foods are healthy for the sake of human health, and environment, they help in increasing soil fertility and save water, and reduce soil pollution too. Along with they are also suitable for livestock and natural resources. The growth of organic plants and the food is purely natural and completely free from any pollution. They are also responsible for the better quality of the soil.

The Need of Organic Food: Researchers found that the composition of nutrients in organic food is a lot higher than food produced in normal conditions, though there are some situations when it shows the negative results though such positions are rarely found. Organic food is used to keep yourself healthy, and free from all kind of diseases and early health issues that are quite common these days.

Common Organic Foods: The most common organic food we can consume in our daily life is eggs, bread, green vegetables, foxtail millets, etc. Protein shakes etc. Few of us are aware of foxtail millets that are second most grown millets for human food; One can also order Foxtail Millets online to the grocery.