5 Amazing Organic Jaggery Delicacies That You Should Enjoy in India

jaggery 2Being popularly known as “Gur”, the Jaggery is something which can complete the meals of people efficiently. Most of the people in India consider their meals incomplete until they do not consume jaggery after taking the main course food. It comes in various delicacies, and you can buy it from organic groceries online, but first, you need to know the five special treats of jaggery before purchasing the appropriate for you.

Til Ke Ladoo:
Heat the Sesame seeds in canola oil until they get the golden brown color. After that, add the melted jaggery into it and add Khoya along with this. Make the balls with your hands, and finally, you can get the final dish in your hands. You can eat these ladoos in the winters to maintain the warmth in your bodies.

Peanut Chikki:
A lip-smacking dish, Peanut Chikki is readily available on the organic groceries online. It consists of roasted peanuts, which provide an adorable taste to the recipe. Along with this, it contains jaggery water so the people with a sweet tooth can love it. It is a winter dish which keeps the people warm.

Sticky Toffee Pudding:
Sticky Toffee Pudding is one of the warmest dishes of the time. It contains jaggery sauce on the sponge of the cake. If you want to make that jaggery sauce, then buy organic jaggery online and then make a combination of soaked dates, jaggery, butter and fresh cream. After that, add this on the scoop of vanilla to get the lip-smacking dish Sticky Toffee Pudding.

When it comes to traditions, India is the first name that gets its recognition on the top. In the continuation of this, Indians believe in making dishes for the proper celebration and modak is such a dish which is mainly prepared during the Shri Ganesha Chaturthi. It contains mostly shredded coconut, rice flour, and jaggery.

Oat and Muesli Balls:
The perfect combination of oats and muesli provides a delicious taste to the tongue. The Oat and Muesli balls mainly contain the melted jaggery in it. Firstly, mix the both of the things together, and after that, people add melted jaggery into the dish and let it settle down. A delight dish is ready for you this way.

If you want to make any of the dishes mentioned above at home, then do not hesitate to buy organic jaggery online as you can get better quality there.


Your Guide To A Balanced Organic Diet With Groundnut Oil

GroundNutOil-Oh, we people are just going about our health. We are just focusing on how we can go on diet or what new diet can help us to remain fit. All in all, we are just focusing on the food we are consuming.

Well, it is important as well to know what we are eating because somewhere it is going to decide how much fit we are going to be and what kind of health issues we are going to face. Most importantly what affects the most is the oil we are adding in the food. Because of this, I recommend you to use organic groundnut oil which actually balances your diet and add extra nutrients to it.

 Why Groundnut oil:

  • Rich in Unsaturated Fats
  • No Cholesterol
  • Natural Antioxidant Content

Now coming on the balanced diet then yes there are some of the important factors you need to consider in your diet. It is very important to have a balanced diet at every meal so that you can make a perfect balance. Eating healthy is one of the key pillar and an important way towards healthy living. But here healthy and complete diet does not mean that you have to just focus on the food but some other elements too are there while having the food.

  1. Try to add carbs to your dietIt is very important to add carbs in the diet which are very important for the health maintenance. For the balanced diet, it is very important to add carbohydrates to the diet. For this, you can have brown rice, oats etc. You get lots of energy from this.
  2.  Pick the fiber Fiber too holds equal importance in the diet and that too both soluble and insluble. They are very important for the smooth bowel movement and in the digestion. You can get it from different fruits and vegetables. Organic Mangoes are rich in it.
  3. Lay more for proteinsIt is said by the doctors as well that protein-rich food is important to add to the diet. There is a number of foods that are rich in protein like pulses, eggs, meat etc. it is important to develop the new cells and the tissues.
  4. Never give up on vitamins and mineralsVitamins and minerals are the most important nutrients for the complete diet. Actually, the diet cant is completed without them. You can get it from fish, meat, vegetables, nuts, dry fruits etc.

Some Amazing Health Benefits of Moong Dal


Since we get 6 months old our food start holding the value of Pulses or Dal in it! See how important it is? With so early age we start having Dal in our diet and that is all because of the ultimate benefits we get from it. Similarly like other pulses Moong is one of the variety that is just famous like other names and has numerous benefits may be more than the other. Also Moong Dal price is not that high and gets tough for anyone to have. Some of the top health benefits that you can have are:

  1. It is powerful and the strongest anti-aging agent. Yes you can stay little younger than your age if you regularly have moong in your diet. It basically holds copper which is best in reducing wrinkles, dark spots, age spots and lines etc. and can easily clear the skin. Ageing is something matters a lot for everyone and majorly for women then yes you can have it.
  2. It is very good in taste and can be served in different ways. Like it can be used as salad as well which in turn will be very tasty and healthy. It is very light for your stomach and will never let you feel heavy and full stomach.
  3. It is very good for the skin as well. Apart from aging it helps in getting radiance as well. Yes it adds shine to your skin. Its scrub is also preferred many times that exfoliate all the dead cells from the skin and make it rich and glowing at home only. Blackheads and oil is a very common problem these days which can be prevented with this. Better to go it with millets that organic millets online are easily available.
  4. As it does not become too heavy for the stomach- it improves digestion too. The major problem of indigestion and acidity can be resolved from this. It increase and improve the digestive rate in human body and make the overall metabolism grow. It boosts the growth of digestion molecules.
  5. Obviously if it is light in eating and digestion then surely it controls cholesterol as well. Cholesterol severely affects the heart and the diseases are growing on rapid rate. So looking at that it is good controller of heart diseases as well.
  6. Well it is so light and healthy that it is the best supplement for the diet freaks as well. Those who want to lose weight can just have a bowl of it in the night which helps in weight reduction.

Why Should You Use Cold Pressed Groundnut Oil?

GroundNutOil-The health benefits of Cold pressed groundnut Oilto to consist of skin care, low cholesterol levels, improved cardiovascular health and nervous system. It prevents cancer, promotes cognitive function, strengthens the immune system, and reduces blood pressure.

Groundnut oil, also known as peanut oil and other names like Arachis oil, is a kind of vegetable oil that is usually extracted from peanuts. It comes in many varieties, consisting of unrefined, refined, and roasted and cold-pressed, that have little difference between their nutritive value and healthcare benefits.

Benefits of Groundnut oil:-

  • There are several kinds of fatty acids, such as oleic acids, stearic acid, palmitic acid, and linoleic acid from which many health benefits of groundnut oil originate. While unbalanced levels of fatty acids can be threatening for your health, there is a very safe balance in groundnut oil which can promote your health through various methods, In addition to health benefits from other vitamins, minerals, and organic blend found in groundnuts.
  • Due to the excessive smoking point, Cold pressed groundnut Oilcan to be used for deep frying high-temperature cooking.
  • Cold pressed groundnut oil adds a very different flavor to any food.
  • Groundnut oil contains many necessary fatty acids and is totally free from cholesterol.
  • Groundnut oil contains resveratrol which safeguards cells against cancer, nerve system disorder, dementia etc.
  • Peanut oil contains high levels of polyphenol antioxidant, including resveratrol. This compound works to remove free radicals, which are life-threating sub-products of cellular metabolism that cause a large number of diseases like cancer.
  • Groundnut oil, like many vegetable oils, is rich in vitamin E, which is a crucial vitamin for humans. It is especially necessary for skin management and health; it prevents the effect of free radicals which causes wrinkles, defects, and other symptoms of premature aging. Vitamin E in groundnut-oil keeps your skin looking young and healthy when you get older.
  • The ultimate advantage of the effective level of resveratrol in groundnut-oil is improving your immune system. Viral and fungal infections are specifically prone to this antioxidant, so by adding groundnut oil to your diet, you can stay healthy by increasing our white blood cell production to prevent any foreign agent in your body.
    Instead of refined oils which are devoid of any of these benefits, start using cold pressed oils. Move ahead to a pleasant healthy future start shopping groundnut oil from organic groceries online today.


How Ragi Flour is Beneficial to Health?

ragi flour.PNGRagi flour is made by crushing dried grains, drying and grinding them. One nice aspect of Ragi is that it is a rich source of nice carbohydrates and it is very small to get processed or polished. It can be consumed in the purest form.

It is loaded with calcium: Ragi is the finest non-dairy sources of calcium in comparison to other grains. Ragi consists of 344 mg calcium. Calcium is vital for the healthy bones and teeth and it also prevents osteoporosis. Calcium proves to be highly beneficial for the growing children.

Calcium assists in controlling diabetes. The seed coat of the grain is full of polyphenols and dietary fibers in comparison to maize, rice or wheat. Its glycemic index is low and this makes the cravings for food less. It also helps in maintenance of digestion. It maintains blood sugar within a safe range. One can add it to your morning meal.

Prevents aging of skin: Ragi is instrumental is a maintenance of young and highly youthful skin. The essential amino acids present in it like Lysine and Methionine lessens sagging and wrinkles on the skin. Ragi is one natural source of Vitamin D which can be taken from sunlight. Vitamin D is known for vitality.

Fights Anemia: Ragi is a perfect source of natural iron and proves to be the finest for the anemic patients and for the ones who have lower levels of hemoglobin. The Vitamin C levels can enhance and iron can get absorbed into the bloodstream. One can consume it in the form of Ragi Dosa or Ragi Balls along with vegetables. The ragi flour price is affordable.

Relaxation of the body: To consume Ragi regularly proves to be of great benefit in dealing with depression, anxiety, and insomnia. Amino acid and Tryptophan assist in working as natural relaxants. The consumption of Ragi proves to be of immense benefit for migraines.


Assists in loss of weight: The higher degree of dietary fiber keeps the stomach full for a long time and helps in prevention of cravings. This leads to less appetite and loss of weight. Ragi lowers the body’s blood sugar levels by activation of insulin. It is to be taken in the morning and keeps you full throughout the day.

Ragi is a super grain that has helped immensely. It grows in higher altitude regions and can withstand bad weather conditions. It is best suitable for climatic conditions in India. You can now purchase millets in Bangalore.

Five Types of Dals And Their Health Benefit

MOONGDals are one of the common food items in the cuisine of India. You will hardly find a household in India that does not have storage of different types of dals. Dals are cooked regularly in most of the households and for that reason, people need to have a range different dals in their shelves. Dals hold loads of goodness or nutritional values. These pulses are rich sources of proteins.

Many Indians only take vegetarian foods and that’s why various types of pulses are required to provide vegan proteins to their body. So, you can discover different varieties of dals in a classic Indian diet. Aside from the major benefit, different types of dals possess different health advantages for the sake of their nutritional values. Therefore, it is very important to consume a blend of different dals in the diet.

For an instance, the moong dal and the black gram dal can be considered as the healthiest among other dals. Other dals, such as masoor dal is rich in health benefits but also containing some drawbacks. For an example, masoor dal elevates the uric acid levels, therefore, it should be consumed limitedly.

Now, let’s discuss five popular types of dals along with their health benefits:

Moong Dal: It is one of the popular dals in most of the households. It is a well-known dieter friendly dal. Moong dal holds a minimum amount of calorie and it is loaded with potassium and iron. You can check the internet to know about moong dal price.

Bengal Gram Dal: It is also popularly known as Chana dal and well-known considered as a great source of dietary proteins for vegans. Bengal Gram Dal holds an abundant amount of trace minerals like manganese, copper, and so on. Consumption of this dal helps to keep diabetes away.

Masoor Dal: It is another common dal consumed in various households. Masoor dal is a good option for individuals, who are experiencing bile reflux. This particular dal is able to improve the process of blood circulation in one’s body.


Urad Dal: This dal is considered among the richest sources of Vitamin B as well as proteins. Urad dal serves as a good option for women because it holds folic acid, calcium, potassium, iron, and magnesium. Such qualities have made this dal a healthy food.

Toor Dal: It is another popular dals among people of India. Toor dal holds complex dietary fibres of rich amounts, helpful in the regulation of movements of the bowel.
If you want to know about Cold pressed groundnut Oil, then check the internet sources.

5 Benefits of Sea Salt

Sea_SaltThere’s no evidence required that the eating the unprocessed foods are more beneficial than consuming the processed ones. The nutritive value of the food is deteriorated to some extent after it undergoes processing. The table salt is a processed variety of the sea salt and is a rich source of the sodium. High sodium contents are known to elevate the blood pressures and thus induce the riks of cardiac strokes. The sea salt, on the other hand, is devoid of the excessive sodium content, and hence comparatively the chances of shooting the blood pressures with the regular intake of the sea salt are lowered as compared to those individuals who prefer sodium rich and iodized salts.

Let us have a quick look at 5 benefits of the Sea Salt:

The sea salt is a natural source of essential minerals. It is found to contain zinc, potassium, and iron in acceptable and digestible forms.

 1. The sea salt is a rich source of trace elements:

The sea salt from a pure and unpolluted sea is studied to contain 60 different essential trace elements. These are rich in minerals too. Nowadays as the use of chemical fertilizers, the nutritive value of the soil has been deteriorating as a result of which is challenging to obtain these trace elements from the regular foods.

2. Prevents excessive dehydration and balances the body fluids:

As the sea salt contains sufficient amount of the sodium, regular consumption of the sea salt is favorable for the maintenance of the sodium: potassium ratio of the body. These two elements ratio co-ordinates the body fluid balance as well as balances the blood plasma levels in the body.

3. Sea salt is an excellent electrolyte source for the body:

The sea is known to contain the majority of the beneficial health electrolytes in abundance. Some of them are sodium, magnesium, potassium, etc. electrolytes play a significant role in heartbeat regulation. They also facilitate the contraction and relaxation processes of the muscles.

4. Sea salt ensures proper neural co-ordination: 

Regular intake of the sea salt monitors the precise transmission of the electrical signals in the body which synchronizes the brain, muscles and the nervous system to function in coordination.

5. Aids in the regulation of the health of the digestive tract:

Lack of proper salt intake may inhibit the hydrochloric acid formation in the body. If the body fails to generate the required volume of this acid, it starts showing its adverse effects on the digestive system. Hence sea salt which is a rich source of the chlorides aids in the proper formation of the hydrochloric acid as the chlorides are the base of the stomach acid.

In case if you do not get a hold of sea salt from the local markets, you may anytime opt to buy the sea salt online. Besides shopping at your comfort, the online platforms also facilitate you to have a comparative view of the prices of rock salt online from different vendors so that you need not spend more in buying the best sea salt.