5 Reasons Why You Should Be Using Cold Pressed Coconut Oil


Coconut oil has become very popular and trendy in food as well as cosmetic industry in some time, thanks to the benefits loaded in it. Many experts suggest using cold pressed coconut oil and cold pressed groundnut oil to improve overall health, fitness and self-care.

What exactly is cold pressing? What are the advantages of old pressed groundnut oil and coconut oil? We shall be giving answers to all these here. Read on and know the benefits and reasons why you should use cold pressed groundnut oil and coconut oil. Cold pressed coconut oil is different from regular coconut oil. Not many people know that cold pressed coconut oil is extracted manually from fresh meat of coconut. To extract pure and authentic oil, cold pressed coconut oil is applied at 120-degree Fahrenheit. Unlike the normal coconut oil available in the market, cold pressed groundnut oil and coconut oil is natural and contains healthy enzymes. Let’s now focus on the advantages of using cold pressed coconut oil.

  1. As mentioned earlier, cold pressed coconut oil is a type of coconut oil in its purest form as it is taken straight from the coconut itself. Since there is no chemical or heat treatment in extracting cold pressed coconut oil, it carries all the outstanding amazing benefits of natural coconut.
  2. Cold pressed coconut oil contains medium chain fatty acids which are instrumental in building immunity. They also contain antibacterial and antimicrobial characteristics that help in restoring health.
  3. The medium chain fatty acids help in revitalizing dry skin. Cold pressed coconut oil quickly absorbs into the skin thereby infusing moisture and healthy nutritive goodness. Unlike many oils, cold pressed coconut oil can be directly applied on to the skin as it is natural and totally safe for the skin.
  4. Most of the oils like flaxseed or olive, cold pressed coconut oil has a longer shelf life. without getting rancid, it can stay in your dressing table or shelf for almost two years. Having said that, cold pressed coconut oil is so advantageous that you would end up finishing it before two years!
  5. Medium chain fatty acids present in cold pressed coconut oil also help in burning extra calories and aiding weight and fat loss.

As mentioned earlier, cold pressed coconut oil is not processed with high temperature. Since it is not bleached, it has all the healthy enzymes intact in it. That is why most of the healthx` and skin experts are advocating cold pressed coconut oil over normal oil.


Get Complete Proteins With Foxtail Millets Online

foxtailMillets – widely grown as a cereal crop in semi-dry areas of Africa and Asia are gluten-free grains packed with nutrition and health. Many people think that they are nothing more than just a substitute to regular cereal grains. That’s a myth. We present you reasons why you should include little millet and other varieties in your diet and go for little millets and foxtail millets online.

  • Considered to be easily digestible grains, foxtail millets and little millet do not contain any gluten and are least allergenic. That is why they have found many takers in gluten sensitive people who prefer to eat healthy.
  • Many health-conscious people are ow buying foxtail millets online because of the powerhouse supply of proteins, minerals and fiber. They particularly are a rich source of magnesium, iron, potassium and phosphorous.
  • Since they are low in fat and contain good amount of protein and dietary fiber, they indeed are a hot favorite for healthy people who buy foxtail millets online.
  • Foxtail millet and little millet are very effective in curing diabetes. They are a healthy option to maintain the blood sugar levels in the body. Research has shown that foxtail millets can reduce the blood sugar in the body by about 70%.
  • Because of the high fiber content, both little millet and foxtail millet are an ideal remedy to cure indigestion. The healthy benefits make people search for foxtail millets online.
  • Foxtail millet is loaded with Vitamin B6 which helps in regulating the healthy functioning of the nervous system in the body.
  • Foxtail millets are a good source of proteins, it is particularly a healthy option for people who want to keep the digestive tract clean and cure diabetes.
  • By regulating and lowering the blood sugar levels, little millet and foxtail millets reduces the chances of heart attacks and other cardio vascular and coronary complications. Since foxtail millets are least reactive to C-proteins, in gives a strong fight to cardio vascular problems.
  • Millets are a good substantial inclusion in the vegetarian diet, thanks to a high protein content.

Foxtail millets and little millets are beneficial not just for diabetics or people suffering from heart problems, it is a very healthy food option for people who want to lose weight or are dealing with high blood pressure. If you are looking for an easily digestible, non-allergenic, protein powerhouse healthy option, go for foxtail millets online.

Best Place to Buy Black Rice Online at Shop JivaBhumi

Food is the most important element of life, we can’t live without it and neither the ecosystem will go to work without it. But only food is not important, healthy food is important to eat so that the fitness of body can be maintained. There are a number of foods like millets, red rice, black rice and much more, that are not much famous but are tremendously very beneficial to health.

Despite being less popular, just like brown rice, black rice is also the one having ultimate benefits to health. People are generally unaware of these rice, and many of you must be thinking that is it like black rice even come! But you know what they are quite beneficial than any other type of rice. Also, they are not very commonly available, but you can buy black rice online at Jivabhumi.

Are you aware of Jivabhumi?

Basically, it is an online site from where you can buy the best of the best food products. The food that you can’t generally find in the market will be obtainable from here. Just check it once, I bet that you will have the best experience of shopping over here.

Now let me tell you some of the black rice benefits so that you can buy it and try it.

  1. Well, it is the richest source of antioxidants and contains dietary fiber, anti-inflammatory properties and many others that can be the best food for fighting disease and also they help in developing the diseases like diabetes, cancer, heart disease and even weight gain.
  2. It is a good protector of heart. Yes, you heard it right, black right is very good for the heart. It decreases the dangerous atherosclerotic plaque formation in the arteries that keep the heart clear. Also, it maintains the cholesterol level of the body, keeping it healthy.
  3. It helps to detoxify the body and consuming black rice also help to clear the liver from the harmful toxins. It has rich content of antioxidants.
  4. Fiber is very important for health, you all must know that. So completing fiber too, that improves the digestive system, black rice is a rich source of it. It prevents constipation, bloating, and other unwanted digestive symptoms. It contributes to regular bowel function throwing out toxins from the body.

So don’t you think that you are too late if you haven’t added black rice yet in your diet? I will recommend you to add it now, and not to waste any more time.

Choose A Natural, Organic, Kodo Millet For You


Maintaining health is the main motive for everyone now. These days people majorly focus on nutrients and healthy living. They are just taking us away from the oil and the spices. They want to have the food with maximum nutrients. Have you ever thought of millets?

Why Millets?

See there is no one reason to explain that why millets are best to get maximum nutrients. Well, let me tell you few so that you don’t think twice before having it. Unlike the rice and wheat that have gluten in it, millets are gluten-free and also have a low glycemic index. Also, they are very easily available online and in different varieties like pearl millet price is very affordable.

No doubt those millets just look coarse and unappealing but yes the nutritional value is just much more than the polished and appealing rice. You will enjoy ultimate health benefits from it. Breaking up the chapters of millets you will get to know that they come in different varieties like jowar (great millet), ragi (finger millet), korra (foxtail millet), arke (Kodo millet) and same (little millet). It’s just you need to make it tasty.


Knowing more about Kodo millet will be interesting enough. It is commonly known as Varagu that is cultivated majorly in Tamil and in Deccan Plateau, it is the major source of food. It is a very nutritious grain and can be freely used in place of rice or wheat. They are an extremely rich source of antioxidants that remove toxins from the body, reduces the hunger and makes the tummy full so that you don’t feel hungry for a long time. Also, the higher amount of fiber content in it and some other elements like proteins, calcium, fiber, and minerals, making it a complete food. Also as it is gluten free this means that it can be used for weight loss; balancing diabetes as well.

Benefits of Kodo Millet:

  • Hydrates the colon
  • Reduces blood sugar
  • Lowers cholesterol
  • Mood swings can be improved
  • Diet conscious people can have it
  • Constipation can be controlled

No doubt that it does not look nice but is good enough to taste. It can be easily purchased online and rest depends on you that how you want to make it, but surely add it to your list. Add millets in your diet now and rest you will see yourself.
Eat healthily! Stay healthy!

5 Types of Dals and Their Health Benefits


Dal is something very commonly heard the name in Indian kitchens. They are must to be added to Indian cuisine and it is very difficult to find any house in India where dal is not made on regular basis. Have you ever thought that why dal is added to your food daily? And they come in so many varieties that you can have each variety repeatedly for 10 days at least.

Well coming on the crux, pulses are added daily in the diet because of nutritional values they have. They include lots of health benefits in general and extremely rich source of proteins. Also, it is not like any specific dal is rich; every dal has its own nutritional value and this is why it is highly recommendable to add all the pulses in your diet and make it immensely healthy for you.

There are some that are richer than the other; just, for example, moong dal that is termed to be the healthiest among all and the moong dal price is too easily affordable. It has minimum calories and rich in iron. It does not have any side effects; in fact, you will enjoy it with some lemon touch in it.

Now let’s come on the 4 types of dals and their individual benefits.

  1. Bengal gram dal is one of the wealthiest sources of dietary proteins. It is also rich in trace minerals like copper, manganese etc. Consuming this dal keeps diabetes at distance. Isn’t it beneficial?
  2. Kabooli Dal is a special variety of pulses that helps to increase hemoglobin levels as it is rich in iron and folic acid. The one who is suffering from anemia is highly recommendable to have a bowl of this dal daily to make your blood increase.
  3. Toor Dal is one of the most popularly dals eaten in India. Also, the toor dal price is so affordable that everyone can add it to the meal. This dal has huge amounts of complex dietary fibers that help to equate bowel movements.
  4. Green Moong Dal basically uncommon in consumption but is an extremely rich source of calcium. They contain very less number of calories and this is why commonly taken as sprouts. This dal is also good for your bones. They are extremely rich in enzymes and have dietary fibers.
  5. Lobiya Dal or black-eyed peas are rich in proteins and rich in very important trace mineral zinc. There are very few vegan sources of zinc that is essential for men and yes for this lobiya is what they should have.


So still thinking to add dal in your food and I fact adding individual dal? Go for it now.

Where to Buy Rajamudi Rice Online?

Rajamudi is a variety of red rice that has a rich history in India. Earlier it was grown exclusively for the Rulers (Wadiyar Dynasty) of Mysore. People who were unable to pay the taxes were encouraged by the King of Mysore to reimburse using the red rice. You can buy quality Rajamudi rice online as it is not available in departmental stores. It is the healthiest choice of rice that provide good benefits to the body.

Benefits of Rajamudi Rice

The Rajamudi rice is not well known, but it has many health benefits that you are not aware. Consuming the Rajamudi rice can provide nourishment to the body with essential nutrients that is not present in the polished rice. The health benefits of the rice are;

  • Presence of Antioxidants
    The Rajamudi rice is a rich source of manages that has antioxidant properties, which safeguards the body from free radicals. The zinc present in the rice accelerates the healing in the body and boosts the immunity. It protects the body from the damage of cells or tissues and promotes production of new cells. It also contains Vitamin B6 that balances the serotonin in the body to have a healthy life. It can improve the texture of skin, prevent fine lines, and promote youthful appearance._DSC5208_Rajmudi_Rice-compressed-500x500
  • Lower Cholesterol
    When you buy the authentic Rajamudi rice online, the Monacolin K component present in the rice can effectively lower the cholesterol levels in your body.
  • Prevent Heart Disease
    The red husk of the rice can effectively remove the plaque that covers the arteries of the heart. Therefore, it reduces the risk of heart attacks as the plaque build-ups causes blocking of arteries.
  • Fights Asthma
    It is an excellent source of magnesium that can make your breathing pattern normal. The regular consumption is beneficial for the health.
  • Promotes Bone Health
    The magnesium present in the rice will promote the bone health as it is the important component for sustaining the bone density._DSC5291_Ragi_Flour-500x500
  • Lowers risk of Obesity
    You can buy several types of rice, millets, etc. like ragi flour online that may lower the risk of obesity. The Rajamudi rice also ensures weight loss as it can give a fuller feeling that eliminates food cravings.
  • Rich in Fiber
    The rice is full of fiber content that will fulfill the dietary requirements of the human body. It prevents constipation and promotes bowel function.

The Rajamudi rice is not available widely, so you need to find a reliable website that will provide you the best quality rice. You need to buy from the trusted website that sells different varieties of rice, millets like ragi flour online efficiently.

Is a Full Fletched Millets Diet Good For You?

nwMillets have always comprised an essential place when it comes to making healthy decisions. Be it a weight loss regime or a regular inch reduction plan, fibres and proteins always rule the charts due to their multiple implications and benefits. Be it the Kodo millet or the pearl millet price is hardly a concern because they are cost effective and indigenous to the country.

Pearl Millets are great too!

A high protein content in these millets not only help you maintain a proper brain health but also keeps your gut clean and healthy. Unhealthy gut bacteria and an upset mind can be the root cause of many diseases. Buy millets online or offline from your local store, rest assured that it would always be worth the price.

Packing a punch with their nutritional values, millets need to be a part of the everyday diet for several reasons:

1) They keep you full for a longer duration: since they are rich in fibres, the husk from millets that is generated during the digestive process helps you retain water in the guts that aids the processes. Moreover, the fibre keeps you full for a longer duration. Consequently, the urge to binge eat between the meals is curbed largely.

2) Control Diseases: Obesity is the root cause of several diseases. Millets help cut down blood sugar levels largely and manage diabetes. These are high in proteins. Therefore, it takes a longer time to digest these millets. The broken down amino acids helps in repairing the skin and cells such that it maintains its elasticity. The neuro-transmitters are repaired such that it aids a healthy brain function too!

3) Minerals are what you need: right amount of minerals such as calcium, phosphorus, iron and even zinc are major building blocks of these millets. Once broken down by the body, these minerals helps build a good bone and blood health. With age, people are more prone to arthritis and sepsis. Mineral content in the body helps maintain optimum stability such that there are no further health issues.

4) It has nutrition: you could always fill up on green vegetables and meat when you are a non-vegetarian. However, if you are vegan or a vegetarian, deriving nutrition from plant based substances can be tough. That is when these millets come handy.

Buy millets online for adding that extra something to your diet. With pearl millets prices falling significantly, it wouldn’t hurt you much to try out something new once in a while.